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So you want to go it alone with what we call Freedom Canoe or Kayak Hire where we provide you with all the safety gear, canoe or kayak and instructions to make your trip great. With over 25 years putting many people on the beautiful Whanganui River, Yeti Tours is your first choice for a fantastic fun river adventure.

Yeti Canoe Tours on the Wanganui River

With self-guided tours we have from 2 to 8-day trips and in fact, with large groups, we can customise the trip to suit. We have taken people from all ages between a few years old and in their 80’s. Most of our clients choose the Canadian Canoes as the vessel of choice, however, there is an option to take a kayak by yourself and still be part of the group. We camp at amasing places along the river and sit under the stars talking into the wee hours sometimes. After a long day paddling, you welcome a nice hot meal prepared for you by the crew. Everyone pitches in and helps make the trip a memorable time for all. There are opportunities to swim and depending on the length of the trip may even include a hike up to the Bridge to Nowhere!

Freedom hire means exactly that, you have the freedom to go at you own pace, stop where and when you want (within some guidelines) A freedom hire trip can be 1 or two people or a large group of friends. Yeti Tours have a large fleet of Canoes and Kayaks to accommodate almost any adventurous group. Send us an email if you would like to ask anything specific for your requirements and we will do our absolute best to make this a once in a lifetime experience.

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Don’t listen to us! Read what our happy customers say!

The Whanganui river is a magical place and a must do experience for anyone lucky enough to be able to. Yeti tours made our experience even more enjoyable. Gavin was really informative and made getting to and from the river so easy. He also went the extra mile and gave us a ride to the hostel after we finished. I also left my shoe in his car and he made it easy for me to retrieve before catching my bus. This is the company I would recommend for anyone in need of canoe or kayak hire.


The trip as a whole was excellent. I would thoroughly recommend it, although you do need to be fit to paddle when the water is low. Timings between campsites / water stops were accurate. The Yeti staff were friendly and helpful – even helping us start a car whose battery had gone flat whilst we were on the journey. We didn’t label our barrels well enough to start with so recommend spending extra time up front doing that as it will make things much easier later!


A Very enjoyable canoe trip down a wilderness 90Km river gorge. The canoes and storage barrels suited us well. Only minor rapids, which any experienced canoeist can handle with ease. Great subtropical forest on the hills and mountains above the gorge, which was also draped with tropical plants. Well worth the time and money.

Prompt communication, quick and helpful responses. I’d recommend Yeti Tours to my other friends.

quality set-up. made everything fun and easy.

Canoe or kayak the Whanganui River with Yeti Tours